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The English language teaching program with its crisp and to the point modules shall provide a platform for learning English to those who intend to learn English but speak other language.

Corporate Training programs

The corporate training programs offer a range of modules which would help your organization shape up employees in line with your organization’s mission, vision and values.


This program would help you in mastering your interview attending skills. This program would help you whether you are completely new to the job market, re-entering the workforce or looking to advance.


This program has modules that would help participants to know the basics of making corporate presentations along with the knowledge of body language. It also includes time management.


This program has been designed to offer intensive coaching to those interested in taking both the Academic and the General IELTS exam

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    Our Vision

    To inculcate a love for learning to help everyone, become self-confident, thereby achieve their quest for excellence in related fields.

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    Our Mission

    To provide comprehensive educational experience in an environment of gender equality, cultivating a love for Learning and seeking knowledge with our warm, nurturing learning community helping our clients to become knowledgeable, creative individuals who strive to reach their full potential.

"Founder's Message"

As a student first, it was really an exciting moment for me when I became a teacher. During my student days I used to love the way a teacher lightens up about a subject, and impress the students to do the hard thinking by themselves. It’s always the teacher and her talent of nurturing a student that makes an academy great!!!

Since then it was my dream to set up an academy that offers quality learning in different arenas, that could transform the thoughts about gathering knowledge and pursuing education at any stage of life.

This gave birth to “Learners Palette”where we have love for the sacred work of shaping minds and nurturing souls.

It has always been my dream to guide aspiring learners to become fiercely independent thinkers and achieve their quest for knowledge and excellence.

Welcome to Learners Palette once again…